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Tracing IT Spend to Mission Outcomes - How CIOs Can Benefit from FITARA


FITARA, or the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, promises to fix many problems in the business of government IT. Central to the law is boosting the CIO role to generate better business/mission outcomes from IT and reduce waste and redundancies in IT spend. Here are a few metrics that highlight the challenges for CIOs in “the business of IT”.

Accelerating IT Investment Decisions Using an Outcome Driven Approach


IT leaders across the Government are facing a number of pressing information technology and information management decisions (IT/IM) at the enterprise level. One of the biggest challenges CIOs face is accessing, aligning, and analyzing the data from across the enterprise needed to adequately inform those decisions. So how can IT/IM leaders make data-driven decisions when their staff is spending all their time generating required reports that don’t provide the data needed to make IT investment decisions?